My new teapot, idea from granddaughter after a visit, and tea :)
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More Than A Teapot

My new teapot, idea from granddaughter after a visit, and tea :)
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

When I sip tea, especially now after recently discovering this electric tea pot from sipping tea from one belonging to a granddaughter, I close my eyes and remember the little tea parties and conversations of little granddaughters as they grew up visiting Gramma. Sitting at the little kid’s table together by the slider to watch nature outside with my mother’s cups and saucers and fancy teapots, we laughed and talked and enjoyed being together. Little girls and Gramma. Such a delight, forever a memory of joy.

And so, a poem…

More than a Teapot

Small toddlers— and even these days—
Granddaughters, tea parties, smiles and play;
Gramma and girls: sip, sipping away;
And this on my counter sits today
After a sip with one, showing her way:
Tis more than a teapot: memories replayed.

Sheri Edwards
03.08.23 068.365.23

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