dots in the sea / hermit crab colors
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Wednesday WrapUp Sea Hermits

Mesh: A spring and fall plaid— a network of colored lines


Each Wednesday check this blog for a strategy, process, or reflection for illustration with the iPad app ProCreate. This Wednesday Wrap Up— rather a WarmUp, I share the progress this week with a challenge in pattern design.


I am still learning various pattern designs so that’s why I’m participated in the 3×3 design challenge from Shannon Mcnab. Read about it here: 3 Challenges, 3×3 Part 1, 3×3 Fungi Forest [part 2].

Last week–

I briefly wrote about the “Nice to Sea You” prompt from the 3×3 Challenge that I’m still working on as I discussed my Fungi Forest prompt work. Today, I continue with my “Sea” prompt, which is a project for my great-grandson.

I’ve an mom-approved palette for the art — probably towels and rugs for Elijah’s bathroom, which is based on a Teela Cunningham Every-Tuesday palette for her Spring Polaroids.

The palette was my first action before I even decided on a theme. It needed to be the type of color my down-to-earth granddaughter would love, and she does.

This is where I started:

my hermit crab, starfish, seahorse, seaweed pattern.

It took quite a while to create the line art, then the color art with texture, plus it was a distracting busy week with State basketball tournaments.

The pattern is a basic repeat and is easily discerned.

Also, I did not include some of the elements from the story upon which the theme is based: Eric Carle book, “A House for Hermit Crab.. I’m not using his style, but I’m including motifs for the characters in the story so my great-grandson can retell the story. And so I ventured into another version:

my hermit crab, starfish, seahorse, seaweed, lantern fish, coral, anemone, sea urchin, snail pattern to retell the story "A House for Hermit Crab" by Eric Carle

In this version, all the characters of the story are included: hermit crab, hermit crab without a shell, a new shell, seaweed, sea anemone, sea urchin, starfish, coral, lantern fish, and snail. I also included a seahorse. With this pattern, Elijah can retell the whole story himself.

This pattern is a drop pattern, so the pattern is less discernible, except for the shell-less crab.

I’m going to take the shell-less crab and place it a bit behind the empty shell and coral.

I shared this in a wonderful art community for which I belong, Jennifer Nichols’ Creative Journey Community, a subscription-based art community. It’s neighborhood, really, with artists from around the world, sharing kindly as we learn art together with Jennifer’s awesome Procreate classes. For subscription information, go here: Membership Information for Creative Journey Community.

Based on the feedback I wondered about in my reflection with them, I’m also going to revise a bit of this original design to make the seahorse bigger and add another smaller starfish a bit below the anemone.

I also created the plaid above and this one:

another plaid in the sea / hermit crab colors

And a few dots, which I’m going to revise with some of the patterns in the seashells

dots in the sea / hermit crab colors

Unfortunately, today, my iPad is going wonky and is not backing up, so that’s what I’m attempting to figure out today.

What’s Next?

I’ve quite a bit to revise and create for this little set patterns, but I’m glad I have a caring community in which to share.

Jennifer Nichols is an artist teacher with a desire to share and guide others in learning art with Procreate. I’ve been taking her classes and joined her community that will fit any novice or professional artists needs. Thank you, Jennifer, for creating the welcoming environment that enables us to learn together.

Take a look and consider joining:

For links to mentioned artists, see Artists Resources page.

I look forward to your sharing your experiences and art “neighborhoods”, and please continue to be a part of the  #warmup4art series to learn and enjoy our work together! See my sharing at IG @42Sheri and Twitter @42Sheri.

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