the mouth of a fish swimming by
Doodle, The Daily

MarchMake Mouth

the mouth of a fish as it swims by
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March Doodle and March Make

#MarchMake Prompt: Mouth

What mouth could I draw? After watching the last of the ice fishermen leave the lake, it seems a fish was in order. Note: the fishermen are now back in their boats! The poor fish haven’t a chance– or do they? They are certainly the source of many fish stories! LOL.

#marchdoodle  #cldoodle23  #warmup4art #clmooc #marchmake #clmooc 

What is MarchMake?

Join In March Make

Join in with the MarchMake:  Pauline Ridley has created a #MarchMake calendar of “M” prompts— a creative prompt every day in March.

a calendar of March prompts by Pauline Ridley

MarchMake Group Pool


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