full branches of our pear tree
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Blessed Life

full branches of our pear tree
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. The years are catching up to me. I’ve not felt well for a while. And now my love is sick. I feel the world closing, and I look for sunshine. I am forever grateful for the opportunities of my life– being blessed with family and friends, and always striving for understanding of others so that the world is a better place. I hope that my life has spread goodness.

Family, I love you. You bring joy to the world. I am so thankful we’ve visited this year.

And now I’ll rest and recuperate. 🙂

And so a poem…

Blessed Life

I hope that
the branches of my life
added sweet fruit
into the world
with seeds of love
and kindness
to grow on and on
flowing from the nurturing
and blessings
of the beneficent
friends and family
in my life.

Sheri Edwards
03.20.23 080.365.23

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