DS106 Daily Receipt
Daily Create, The Daily

Daily Create 2 Days

Daily Create Prompt:  #DS106  #tdc4096  #clmooc  #dailycreate   

A Daily Create Fee? Here’s how it works:

Notice: Always a Creativity Discount

DS106 Daily Receipt
On Flickr

Posted: Grammasheri and Sheri42


On Flickr

Daily Create Prompt:  #DS106  #tdc4095  #clmooc  #dailycreate   

Random Object Story an @cogdog remix, thank you

Garden Spade Sword Postage Stamp

Side Story

The postage stamps I created years ago and uploaded to a place that once created postage with the art. Sadly, it no longer supports art / photo uploads.

Posted: Grammasheri and Sheri42

Arrowleaf Balsamroot




Shooting Star


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