In my garden, the sweet woodruff bring joy in spring
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Star Joy Sweet Woodruff

In my garden, the sweet woodruff bring joy in spring
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I’m still waiting for the sweet woodruff, Gallium Odoratum, to sprout from beneath fall’s leaves, yet to be raked. They are delightful stars of the garden and have only one drawback: the spiked, tiny seed balls that stick to pet’s fur. Still, I encourage their growth and delight in their beauty— star leaves and star flowers that brighten my day. I hope the photo and poem brighten your day.


Star Joy: Sweet Woodruff

First the leaves, starry
green, fill the gardens of spring;
Next, tiny stars, white
and bright, top the greenery;
garden greetings of star joy.

Sheri Edwards
04.21.23 112.365.23
Poetry/Photography [See-Frame-Focus]

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