Merry and Bright, Nature Delights

Holiday Memory

For the #writeout prompt earlier this October, I was reminded of a poem I’d written two years ago about our family’s cousin memories, especially walking to the corner gas station for ice cream; the prompt to my memory was “corner store.” My doodle and tweet:

What is WriteOut? This tweet will get you started, and perhaps you might sign up for a collaborative poetry project:

Tomorrow, I’ll check out the Where I’m From poem project. For today…  I decided to create a holiday art piece just for our family, but available for all.

I especially love the hardcover journals:


Imagine the sketching that could be inspired by a journal like that?

How do you keep your sketch and art ideas?  a journal? a folder, iPad?

Luckily, I keep much of my work on Flickr — doodles, poetry, etc.  And now this blog.


Think about it: what words or poetry could you add to your art for your family and friends?  

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