Nature Delights

Warbler Series

I am so excited for my bird-lover friends. I've finally finished my series of nine yellow warblers, songbirds of such delight we hope to see them all year. The Birds of a Feather Collection will delight all bird and natural lovers. Hiking in the forest, meadow, or field always is more fun when the songbirds… Continue reading Warbler Series

Nature Delights

Yellow-Throated Warbler 4 of 9

get outside -- urban or rural, park or backyard, public or your space. And be inspired in art and story.  Please share your work at #writeout

Nature Delights

Warbler Series 2 and 3

Although his song is just a trill, you might spot him in the lower branches on your morning walks.

Home Brights, Nature Delights

Autumn Leaves

What is your favorite season? I always think it is spring, until fall cools off the summer days

Merry and Bright, Nature Delights

Holiday Memory

a poem I'd written two years ago about our family's cousin memories, especially walking to the corner gas station for ice cream; the prompt to my memory was "corner store."

Nature Delights

Nashville Warbler

I love the canopy of maple and sycamore trees in my backyard, where I sit on a cushioned swing to rock back and forth while listening to the warble of songbirds.