Floral Delights, Nature Delights

Turn a New Leaf


I loved learning the wildflower symmetry of clematis and sweet potato leaves. It reminded me of the quote:

You can turn over a new leaf every hour if you choose ~ Arnold Bennett

The design is art nouveau, and I chose the clematis for its four-petaled almost square design to complement the pointy leaves. The filler of white leaves are Russian Olive– and I’ve always loved their soft elongated shape blooming on the arid lands around here.

So, here it is in a variety of products. Love the clock– every hour is worth a look at oneself: how am I growing and learning– and turning over that new leaf.

I could relax propped up with a pillow:


to write in my journal, reflecting on making life better:


Or  I might place inside my tote bag:


an ornament or magnet as a gift.



or a coasters or a mug to share:


Imagine what you could do with your art! It’s refreshing to see one’s art on products that others can enjoy.

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