Thank You

Candle Thank You

WC09_Candle sm.png

To all my readers

With this candle, I send you bright wishes as we continue to read our blogs together across the miles in the spaces of the internet. 

Thank you, and enjoy your Thanksgiving and/or other holidays!

Winter challenge #winterdailyart2019 and #christmasdailyart2019 in ProCreate

Day 9 Winter Challenge Candle

A perfect lesson on which a “Happy Thanksgiving” or seasonal wish can be added.

One Technique:

For the candle glow:

After creating the wick and candle flames [erased in the center with an airbrush], create a layer behind  the flame and, with a yellow airbrush, paint in the circular glow. On the background layer, I erased using an airbrush just a little of the “linen” lines of the wallpaper so the glow is especially visible.

See Challenge here:
Jennifer Nichols 30 Day ProCreate Winter Challenge

Prompts are listed there; it is a class–but you can use the prompts in your way.

Follow my challenge

My Winter Challenge Posts

Sheri’s Winter Challenge on Flickr.

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