What apps do you use?

w23gift.depth sm.PNG

What apps do you use, Sheri?

A friend of mine with another artsy friend asked me that question at a Rotary gathering the other evening.  That’s a great question, and I choose the app that works best for the project.

Autodesk Sketchbook

One app I use that is now free is by Autodesk and It’s called Sketchbook.   It’s for desktop and mobile devices. The app includes many brushes and through layers, allows for the creation of complex and lovely art pieces, as you can see here at their artist’s site. Here’s something I made in Sketchbook that is a favorite on my store at RedBubble: Zest for Life pillow, totebag, and more.



An app that I’m now learning that is only $9.99 for iPad is ProCreate. Here’s an example of my learning that I’ve created with that app: The gifts image above and this delicious cheesecake:

wc18 candies cheesecakemedium

Here’s a link to one item of many that I sell made in ProCreate: Notebook


The app uses layers, brushes, and adjustments that allow for many affects, from realistic to fantasy.

ProCreate is unique in its process and, although I’ve owned it for a while, I just recently started to watch videos and take classes to learn it’s amazing abilities when an artist gets it in their hands. I have Skillshare Premium and look at all the classes here. Me, I’m learning the app and the art!

Affinity Designer

And my favorite vector app is Affinity Designer because I can make patterns easily– on desktop or iPad. It’s $49.99 though for the desktop, but I mostly use the $19.99 version for the iPad. It is a replacement for Adobe Illustrator, without the monthly subscription fee. It’s vector, rather than raster, based, so I can resize up or down as needed for the pattern.


Chickadee Pillow 

work-40914741-primary-u-pillow-floor chickadee.jpg

Wildflower Chintz Totebag and more at RedBubble

chintz tote screen.png

and Placemats and other home decor at Spoonflower

chintz placemats screen.png

And I always use the Apple Pencil– it’s simply the best tool for artwork.

All of these apps are great for artwork, from novice to professional.  These art apps would make great Christmas presents! Give them a try and share what you create!

Note: I’m not affiliated with these art apps, although I could get a free month of Skillshare if you join [although I probably haven’t shared the correct link for that]. I just think I should share what I’m learning, where I’m learning, and what I’m learning with so others can be part of the art community.  Start learning today!  You’ll love it.

Of course, the links are to my products at Print On Demand [POD] stores where I do earn money; but that should be obvious!  Thanks for stopping by!

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