Nature Delights

Warbler Series


I am so excited for my bird-lover friends. I’ve finally finished my series of nine yellow warblers, songbirds of such delight we hope to see them all year.

The Birds of a Feather Collection will delight all bird and natural lovers. Hiking in the forest, meadow, or field always is more fun when the songbirds sing and flit around us.

See all nine, and the nine-square final piece on mugs in this collection here.

songbird mugs.png

To see a variety of ideas for possible gifts, see my Bird: Warbler Pinterest board here.

I was so excited to be able to honor these little birds who warm my heart. I’ve seen only relatives of them in our area.

My goal was to capture the most striking color traits of each bird, placing them in the context of their habitat, the trees or shrubs with insects or berries that are their usual sustenance.

Looking at the framed image above, the yellow warblers I chose for this series are:

[The link takes you to a framed image for better viewing, and you can link to other products from stickers to mugs from that page.]

Row 1:

Chestnut-sided Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Nashville Warbler

Row 2:

Backman Warbler, Audubon’s Warbler, Gold Cheek Warbler

Row 3:

Parula Warbler, Canadian Warbler, Yellow-Throated Warbler

In my post on the yellow-throated warbler, you’ll see how the little bird inspired poetry. In Nashville Warbler, I explained my beginning process.

What will these inspire for you?

  • an urge to create your own series on your favorite animal?
  • a creative dive into writing and adding it to your artwork?
  • an idea for a gift you can make for someone?

Hopefully, you’ll share your inspired ideas here!


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