Floral Delights, Merry and Bright


Retired, and able to spend time learning to create artful products, I was delighted when I opened my mail today to find two products of my art: iPhone case and coasters.


The iPhone case design is vector based, each wildflower created first, then organized into a drop pattern; all work created in Affinity Designer. This chintz pattern is my favorite piece so far; I love it in home goods like table runners and napkins. It’s muted colors and wildflowers come right from the meadows that I walk through.

I’m very pleased with the iPhone case too– it fits perfectly and has a soft edge on the front so the phone doesn’t slip around.

The coaster art is helped with the symmetry mode in ProCreate– I drew and colored the holly, berries, and leaves in one corner and the app will repeat everything in the other corners. Then I can move out of symmetry and add any details to enhance the pattern. I even created the font for my poem in app called iFontMaker.

The coasters are sturdy with a cork underlay; perfect to protect furniture from your hot or cold beverages.

It’s fun to have a few special holiday things around the house everywhere to brighten up a desk or table.

Delighted, yes. It is a great feeling to see a design of one’s turn out as planned when applied to a product. I love that what I hold in my hand is something from my imagination.

I encourage you to take your imagination and create art with it — try these print-on-demand places– click the links on this page of my art blog.

You will love the feeling of just drawing and creating art, AND enjoy the satisfaction of seeing it available on many different products.

I’d love to see what you do!



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