Nature Delights

Warbler Series 2 and 3


2 Chestnut-Sided Warbler

This is one of my favorites, though this warbler is not seen in my neck of the woods, which is why I decided to draw this one.

This little chestnut-sided warbler sings “pleased to-pleased to-meet-you” as you pass by beneath his perch. I imagine these songbirds among the chestnuts we’ll soon roast in our winter fun. They will be migrating now in eastern North America — look for them in wooded areas.


3 Audubon’s Warbler

I love the look on this warbler as he searches for insects, or even berries now that fall has set in.  He’s on his way to Central America, migrating from western Canada and the United States. Although his song is just a trill, you might spot him in the lower branches on your morning walks.

Series Suggestions

Enjoy these as coasters to liven up the autumn and winter season, a series of framed prints or art boards, or perhaps a new travel mug.

Click any image to view artwork, or view the whole Winter Flora collection.







Which songbirds will you miss this winter?

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