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Blessings on St Patrick’s Day

Shamrock_T sm

May soft rainfall freshen your garden,

May sun’s warm rays brighten your spirit,

May a gentle wind whisk away your worries,

May laughter and song be with you

And family and friends fill your heart,

And may the thoughts from others confirm that you are loved.

~ Sheri Edwards

Did you know that the shamrock is trifolium dubium, the symbol of the Irish? I had always been told I was part Irish, but my brother’s genealogy has not found the link to the Irish, just the Scottish. Even so, I’ve always loved the blessings shared by so many who come from that tradition, which is why I wrote the above blessing for my family and friends.

I also wanted to know what the real shamrock looked like, so I took the time digitally draw and paint the flora that represents the most common species considered the Shamrock. The yellow blossoms are different than the white clover in our yard. I decided to create cards with both the stylized and artistic painting of a shamrock for my next set of cards for my family.

For Valentine’s Day, I’d sent postcards to each member of my family with a unique message for each, and I decided to do the same for St Patrick’s Day.  I’ve create a whole set of seven cards with my greeting [Greeting Card Collection] and both the trifolium dubium and the stylized shamrock as a focus, depending on the card.


I think they make great spiral notebooks as well:


Take a look and consider creating your own with your own version of an Irish blessing.


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