Family Inspired, Thank You

Art from the Heart

Life is a Journey

If you’ve been around awhile on this earth, the world has probably offered opportunity and obstacles that kept your journey a success and a struggle. That’s life.

My life’s journey led me to a teaching career in one school district– a very rural public school on a Native American Indian reservation where culture and learning taught me as much as I was able to teach my students. That is an honor for which I am forever grateful .

Retired after 31 years, mostly in middle school language arts

Some people can not understand why anyone would teach middle school — I loved the time with such independent, fair-minded, creative problem-solvers! They think for themselves, and, as long as I realized that the students “already knew everything,” we found our conversations and learning an interesting and uplifting experience. We learned together what Donald Murray defined, “Writing is hard fun.”

My Classroom Front Wall

Throughout my teaching of reading and writing, we always integrated science, social studies, and art. My students often taught me the art part, but I had a few tricks and tips to guide them, though my own skills were limited. Art expresses our emotions and memories and dreams in ways that words often cannot. Together, art and writing are powerful, and that was my hope for my students: their voice would be heard in the writing and art. Because art is from the heart, as is writing.


When I retired in 2016, art became my next learning journey. My heart was full and still needed an outlet– so learning art satisfied that continuing wonder in my heart. This blog began in 2018, a place to share art, techniques, and for those with an interest, the place to find my art on sale. It’s slowly developing since I’m an old learner. Ha! But really– every artist was once a beginner, so someone once said.

Thank You

I’ve met some fantastic teachers who are mentors through their teaching and work; through them I am practicing drawing and digital art as well as discovering my own style. I am so grateful for their encouraging words and helpful lessons:

Back to You

No matter one’s work and play and journey, one’s life is lifted by others and we stand from who we are and have become through the teachings of others. I hope my blog helps other beginning artists to step up and step out in an uplifting journey. If ever a thought or question arises, please ask! I will probably be able to share a suggestion or find someone else who knows… or at least provide some hope for your journey.

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