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Autumn Harvest

Autumn is the time of year signaling a change– we see it in the autumn colors and know that winter is coming. We give thinks to all the we have that makes our life worthwhile: our family, friends, nature, food, and shelter.

Art in autumn is filled with color– changing colors and shapes that capture our attention and bring us hope for a new year. Soup and warm beverages become our favorite, and one day as I sipped tea and drew autumn leaves, I discovered this quote:

There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.

Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living

I imagined discovering a missing teacup in the woods, left no doubt by a young girl’s tea party with the friends and the chipmunks. I remember as a child playing in the screened in back porch with friends, but deciding to sneak out into the row of lilac bushes to have our own tea party while listening to the song birds– a secret place only the neighborhood girls knew. Mud pies topped with lilac leaves became our celebratory feast. We imagined fairies flying around us and laughed when little brothers called, wondering where we hid. I’m sure most of my small tea set would still be there in thicket, waiting for another filling of mushy mud.

This imagining and remembering inspired by that quote also inspired this art– autumn leaves and a lost tea cup.

When autumn arrives, what memories come to you? What art do you draw?

To help you with your contemplation while sipping tea this autumn, here’s a coloring page of fall leaves for children– or yourself [pdf here for easier printing]. I added two places for greetings– the heart and banner– so you can personalize and give away your beautiful work. Enjoy!

Here’s what mine looks like:

Who will you make happy with your coloring page? Enjoy!

For some autumn gifts, you might like one from my autumn collection with these same motifs:

Laptop Sleeve or Snap On iPad Cover

Floor Pillow or Tote

Thank you for spending time with my words, and be sure to share your own ideas.

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