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Autumn Reset

In a bit of reflection yesterday, in which I am so thankful for so much, including my readers, perhaps a reset of specific goals is in order. So, while sipping tea [Dragon Oolong, for NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month] and considering that I’m still on an art learning journey, which I share with you, my readers, I chose goals for you and me.

This post is inspired by a course I’m taking from WordPress, and is more about blogging than art– but then, blogging is an art, don’t you think?

New Goals

First, I’ll continue to share at least monthly give-aways, a coloring page, greeting card, or tip for download to provide a thank you to my readers.

Next, I’ve envisioned a new weekly feature on my blog— Wednesday WarmUps— digital techniques to “draw every day” and “warm up the art” to loosen up both the muscle memory and the creative juices. My hope is that you will also begin and share this art loving journey. I’ve already prepared seven weeks of warmups, so next week, get your iPad and ProCreate ready!

Third, I’ll spend one hour every other week visiting other blogs, reading their posts, and commenting on their work. I know, I should do more, but I’m retired!

Fourth, I will extend the conversation of others’ blogs by writing a post every other week with a link to their post while adding value with my own ideas or examples learned from their work.

My Goals and Blogging

If you’re new to blogging, goals three and four are important to the purpose of blogging– to create a network and connection with others. Commenting is one way– and is much more helpful than a simple push of the ‘like’ button; it provides the author with feedback to what touched your heart.

And then carrying that author’s idea into your own blog honors the author as the blogger adds value through the thoughts conveyed in the new post reflecting on the original author’s ideas. These were two ways my students’ blogging developed– truly considering others’ ideas and learning from them, expressing and honoring those ideas from the comments to their own blog posting.

Blogging Tips

Are you starting to blog? Stuck in place in your blog?

As I chose these new goals and considered my purpose for this art blog, I remembered that in 2019 on my education blog, I wrote a series on “Building Momentum” — how to build your momentum for writing on your blog. So if you’re new to blogging about your passions or just in rut, the series may help you.

The series developed as part of blogging challenge, and I began to think of blogging as dance– a “Blogging Four-Step.” Building Momentum is based on what is needed for blogging:

  • Topics/Ideas: your interests and passions researched and shared on your blog
  • Connections: your social media links with others on your interests and gathering new ones
  • Conversations: your conversations with others on social media [Twitter, blogs, etc.] in comments with others and extended in your blog as part of your “neighborhood” [PLN]
  • Reflections: your review of interests, connections, conversations

I even developed a calendar template in Google Docs for tracking these blogging elements, which, if it will help you, you can copy from that link. Go to the menu “File,” then “Make a copy.” During that time, my blog flourished with refreshed ideas, so goal-setting and planning works to keep your momentum going.

Autumn Reset

My goals for this blog, scheduled on a calendar, makes the goal real with a reminder to get it done! And they still reflect the Blogging Four Step:

  • Topics– share research from others and my classes; share my experiences with art as well as my shop
  • Connections — reading others’ blogs and taking classes to learn new skills
  • Reflection — considering the learning, the sharing, the connections, and giving back in some way through the WarmUps and Give-Aways as well as sharing how the learning builds my repertoire in my art shop
  • Conversations– continuing the conversations from learning with others within my own blog and through comments; we are who we are because of the gifts from others.

This autumn, I’ve reset my blog with new goals and a better purpose, which renew me and hopefully, give back to my community of artists and my readers. See you next Wednesday for the first Wednesday Warmup!

Now, back to my tea…may the rest of your day go well. Enjoy.

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