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Art of Others Dec 10

Art of Others

Last week, I wrote about other artists I’ve discovered in my blogging and artistic journey: Art of Others. Take a look to view and enjoy their work. Because I’m a novice artist, still learning, I learn from the work and writings of other artists, enjoying the little things that make them and their work unique. I appreciate their sharing and also the efforts behind the work and the sharing. It’s a way they give back to the community, and I’ve decided that every other week I’d share some of the gems I notice.

The Introverted Hermit

I love mandalas and zentangle, and here I found the two combined. The first post I discovered, number 71, is divine– the lovely outer petals and the smooth curves of the inner pattern help create a quilt-like design emphasizing the smaller zentangles. It’s simply lovely. View the entire collection. You can order the lovely designs from the Etsy shop here.

The Hermit [I could not find a name or About page] also creates mandalas in procreate with dots, as shared here, and amazing “diamond painting” with what looks like sequins, here. It’s a different way to look at arts and crafts. See the wolf! Take a look!

Emma Clark

Emma Clark writes a blog with tips and process, mistakes and successes— just the type of honest reflection that encourages other artists not to give up. Her focus is on lettering and simple floral designs she prints up using Wallmart’s photo service. Take a look at her Instagram for an elegant style in digital lettering, portraits, and florals. Enjoy!

Evelyn Yee

Two of my favorite things: watercolor and blogging. This artist is amazingly talented at painting what she sees in the world as she travels, whether it’s through her neighborhood or some far off place.  Take a look. These are three of my favorite: Painting Around the Neighborhood. Each image invites you into her world and helps you notice your own, for your own studies and art! And you can find her work on Red Bubble.

Once again, I found those whose art comes from the heart — from meditative mandalas, to reflective art and lettering, to a world found in the neighborhood. I thank them so much for their creative energy and willingness to put their work out into the world for others to view, learn, and perhaps even donate or purchase. The sharing are like ripples on the water or in sand– spreading out, touching others, inspiring us.

I’m inspired by each to keep my eyes open and my Apple pencil sketching! How about you?

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