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Art of Others

One thing I love is learning from others, so today I searched for a few other artists. Others’ work inspires me to see things in a different way and stretch my thinking about art and art work. Who did I learn from today?

Bear Humphreys, Photographer

On Twitter and a Blog and RedBubble

Such beautiful photography– seeing the beauty in the expansive and the minute. Mostly black and white, Bear’s photography is stunning, and so needs a place in the world for others to see. Scroll through the blog to be inspired for your own photography, for artistic interpretations, or poetry. If you love journals and greeting cards, his work on Red Bubble through each of his photos [and abstract art] allows the rest of us to purchase and enjoy the art through his eyes and his life.

Kathleen Jennings, author and illustrator

Blog and RedBubble

I may be a writer and a learning artist, but Kathleen is officially an author and artist, her work supported on her Patreon site. But her blog shows me that story is important to art, and that even the smallest thing can become a story visually– See Impossible Flowers and Snip Snip. I appreciate that she shares on a public blog so that others may discover her work. If you look carefully, you’ll see elements of literature and science peppered throughout her work. Her recent art is an advent calendar and illustration, which you can read about here, including how the art developed as she worked. A good read.

Evelin Kegler, mixed media illustrator and crafter

Blog and Society6 Redbubble and Twitter

I work mostly digitally and only dabble in watercolor and gouache, but now that I follow Evelin’s blog, I may learn a bit more about the true art in those mediums. Evelin provides videos in how to paint, for instance pumpkins in watercolor. AND, she provides text in English, Spanish, and German! So, besides her lovely art, her lessons, and her stunning photography, you could learn a language just by reading the blog! I appreciate that even with her commercial endeavors, she still offers downloads for her readers. Since I dabble in surface design, I love how Evelin takes a fun idea about pumpkins and turns it into a design [click to see pumpkin pouch].

Dani Knapp, artist and graphic designer

Blog and RedBubble

I’m not as daring as Dani: she puts her ideals out there in art and writing. I love her blog post Post Election 2020, and the art that goes with it: Time For Healing on RedBubble. I’ve created some election and democracy art, but I’ve shared that on a personal blog, not my art blog. I think Dani has the better idea, however, because art can change the world.

She of Palm Trees and Loyalties

Blog and Twitter and RedBubble

I can’t find her name. She might be a tree, but she is funny and talented and her blog is up to date. It’s spirited. I like that. And so is her art. She loves illustrating plants, as do I, but hers are so vibrant– take a look at this iPhone case on RedBubble. Her use of bright colors is something I could study. I’m an autumn color person, muted, soft. But bright is uplifting so take a look at her lovely work. I appreciate that she shares the process and story of her work, like this post, Spice Jar Sketch. Take a look, you’ll enjoy it. How could you not, with a philosophy about life from trees: “They bend with the storms that pass, but still stand. This blog is just that. “Its me, still standing!” [from Home page].

How did I choose new blogs to follow?

Inspired by my WordPress Course assignment, I searched “#redbubble” in the WordPress Reader. Although no posts appeared, many sites did. I started by choosing sites with names of artists or interesting titles. When I clicked to look, this was my criteria based on the preview of the blog that appeared in my reader:

  • Current posts
  • Posts included excerpts about the post
  • Excerpts indicated a narrative

If those criteria were met, I then opened the site to find the blog, the story, and the art:

  • Blog posts included some type of narrative:
    • about the artist
    • about the art
    • about the process
  • Blog included more than product, but rather a passion for the art itself
  • Perhaps a thought for the readers — a tip, a giveaway, a download
  • Link to RedBubble

In essence, I was looking for art with heart– artists who took the time to share both the art and story, often with the little things of life. These are artists from whom I can enjoy the work and learn a bit more from them myself– me, still learning [always learning]. I appreciate and thank them for sharing their journey, because that helps others, a little ripple effect that improves the world, which is something that is much needed in these times today.

Take a look– I’m sure you’ll agree, each of these artists create with the heart first!


15 thoughts on “Art of Others”

  1. Thank you for the feature and kind words Sheri, and I am glad that you have liked my photographs. I’m not always prolific (I have MS, which can keep me quiet at times) but I’m currently trying to update the blog more often than I managed in the first part of the year.
    Now off to have a look at my fellow featured artists!

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