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Artist Gems for June 10

About Art of Others

I’ve been searching for other artist bloggers as a way to expand my thinking.

I write about these artists I’ve discovered in my blogging and artistic journey: Artist Gems. Take a look to view and enjoy their work.

Perhaps you’ll find a new style, a little technique, an inspiration through the ripple effect when we appreciate and observe others at their best and as they share while they develop their work. When artists create, their work influences others: the work stirs the emotions, reflects the community and events of the day, and inspires a response, perhaps even in the viewers’ own art.

Every other week I’m pleasantly surprised by what I find– I hope your enjoy these picks.

This weeks artists are unique in their art– and willing to share on Instagram and Skillshare.  These are two teachers from whom I still learn and want to share their influence on me for illustrating in Procreate.

Artist Gems for June 10, 2021

Jennifer Nichols, surface pattern designer and teacher

Website: Leila and Po Studio

In Jennifer’s portfolio on her website you can see the whimsy and detail in her creative illustrations — from her characters and her gnomes to surface designs in insects, animals, and plants.

She’s serious about art and patterns in ways that bring a smile to those who view them. Her style is loose, with just enough detail to feel like you would love to be in the worlds she creates.

The absolute best thing is that she loves to share her process and strategies at Skillshare and on Instagram. If you would love to improve your art and design, check out her classes. Just one of her classes will more than reward you with skills well worth the price of joining Skillshare— just try the link on her website for a free trial.

As a Spoonflower Artist, she shared on the Spoonflower blog how to create seamless repeat patterns, which will be a great help if want to learn to make patterns. She mostly uses Procreate, and this tutorial is a must see.

She created a wonderful, supportive Facebook Art group [ find link here ] with Brenda Bakker. It’s the kind of group that encourages sharing and answers questions quickly— just the kind for beginners and professionals.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for the classes she’s shared, which are so easy to follow and set up for participant success. Of course, how could they not be good, when her mantra is “Life is short. Be kind.” That’s because she’s a teacher at heart. Thank you, Jennifer.

Brenda Bakker, artist and hair dresser

Link Tree: Brenda Bakker

Brenda Bakker is a collaborator with Jennifer — follow her linktree for all her tutorials, instagram and YouTube for learning with Procreate.

You’ll find characters, scrapbooking, watercolor, paper cut, doodles, lettering, and more— all delightful and artful illustrations that she carefully explains in her tutorials on Skillshare and YouTube

One of my favorite is her Alphabet Series on You Tube- complete A-Z series of lettering and art strategies that can be expanded into other art projects. She uses mostly native brushes and explains step by step how to create the effects.  I shared my experiences with her process in my WarmUps the last few weeks [Alphabet]. Just take a look her work: Alphabet Series. You’ll also find a link to a free trial to Skillshare in the description.

I think my favorite style is the Sketchy Doodles — they are quick and simple, fun and creative to help the student artists develop a loose and whimsical style of  that can easily be adapted with one’s own details and palettes. Here’s the intro to watercolor energy and movement style on Instagram: Sketch Doodles.

Find her lovely whimsy here:

So Take a look!

Again I’ve found those who create art with heart– artists who still take the time to share both the art and story, in the narrative and visuals that only artists can imagine.

I discovered ways to be loose and whimsical, to be realistic and add texture and shadow, and to be part of a group that encourages others to learn and grow.

I hope you enjoy their work and learn a bit more from them, as I have. I appreciate and thank them for sharing their journey– a little ripple effect that improves the world, which is something that is much needed in these times today.

Take a look– I’m sure you’ll agree, each of these artists create with the heart first!

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