Artist Gems, Thank You

Artist Gems April 1

About Art of Others

I’ve been searching for other artist bloggers as a way to expand my thinking.

I write about these artists I’ve discovered in my blogging and artistic journey: Artist Gems. Take a look to view and enjoy their work.

Because I’m a novice artist, still learning, I learn from the work and writings of other artists, enjoying the little things that make them and their work unique. There’s a ripple effect when we appreciate and observe others at their best and as they share while they develop their work. When artists create, their work influences others: the work stirs the emotions, reflects the community and events of the day, and inspires a response, perhaps even in the viewers’ own art.

I appreciate their sharing and also the efforts behind the work and the sharing. It’s a way they give back to the community, and so every other week I share some of the gems I notice as a thank you for their willingness to share with others.

A List For You

It’s been two months now of looking through blogs for artists whose art just jumps out to me. What have they been up to?  And be sure to check this page where I’ll keep a list of the artists from my Artist Gems posts: Artist Gems List.

What I learned….

Stormy of StormyDesigns has really been creating products for her shop and they are inspirational. The photography and swirls are dynamic! Check out this blog post: New Designs

Judith at ArtDiscoveries shares some great feedback on abstract art, something I’ve also been tinkering with. Her art and post on Connections was just what I needed to think through the somewhat vague suggestions for abstract art.

Cynthia of saltandmoon has shared more of her art on instagram these days. She’s been learning from a book, 108 Flowers Book 1, and I have enjoyed walking through the garden she is creating both artistically and her own.

Tarushi of Tarushispeaks has been writing poetry and this is National Poetry Month in the US. She invites you to fill your page in her poem, empty pages. So take a look– poetry is art and it inspires art!

Mimulux at artbymimulux has some fantastic mixed media and abstracts on her products and she shares two amazing ones on her post, a little bit of day… She’s had some great compliments. I love the wind in the night illustration. She’s a joy to watch grow.

More next time…

In two weeks, I’ll post about different artists, and find more time to keep in touch with the blogger artists who inspire others. Thank you to each of you for your sharing– it brings joy to the world. Go ahead, Take a look at more: Artist Gems List.

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