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Cherry Blossoms

abuzz in pollinators

Daily Note
Every day, a photograph, a poem. Every day for the past 93 days, I’ve taken a photo and written a poem on another blog: Remember the Moments

Today on our walk we passed again the two highly pruned cherry trees in front of the credit union. They are fully blooming and buzzing with all manner of incredible pollinators. [post]

I import the image into Procreate and add the text. I brush in a modified air brush [for “overlay”] below the text to help it pop. And in this picture I created a fading circle around the bee. I drew two concentric circles and filled them in with white. I lowered the opacity and then, with the “noise” brush, I erased from the outside edge to towards the center to create the fading circle.

Did you know that one out of every three bites of food you take is a result of a pollinator? Programs to help pollinators: pollinator.org Enjoy the slow motion video I took with my iPhone.

One of Three

Take a bite; one more;
Another; that last one- thank
a pollinator.

Sheri Edwards
040321 09336521

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