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Artist Gems Jan 7

About Art of Others

I’ve been searching for other artist bloggers as a way to expand my thinking.

I write about these artists I’ve discovered in my blogging and artistic journey: Artist Gems. Take a look to view and enjoy their work.

Because I’m a novice artist, still learning, I learn from the work and writings of other artists, enjoying the little things that make them and their work unique. There’s a ripple effect when we appreciate and observe others at their best and as they share while they develop their work. When artists create, their work influences others: the work stirs the emotions, reflects the community and events of the day, and inspires a response, perhaps even in the viewers’ own art.

I appreciate their sharing and also the efforts behind the work and the sharing. It’s a way they give back to the community, and I’ve decided that every other week I’d share some of the gems I notice as a thank you for their willingness to share with others.

So… who did I discover? Read on!

Artist Gems for January 7, 2021

Cynthia at Sand and Salt Moon

Oh how I will try to be this good. Love these marigolds done as watercolor in Procreate by Cynthia Maniglia whose career was an advertising creative director, but now following her passion of art. Her father influenced her as he also was an artist and in the same field. He now has Parkinson’s where the power of art allows him to flourish.

Love the whimsical style of this rainbow and llama print, available on her Society 6 Shop.

And yet, see the gist of the real in this lovely illustration of coyote, a favorite creature and trickster to so many. She’s captured him laughing at those still looking for him as he disappeared into the grasses— something he’s done to me many times.

And, on occasion, she lets us in to her feelings, and ours, during this difficult time. Love this reflection on our new daily lives, staying home, staying safe.

Artists help us through difficult times by sharing the everyday in beautiful ways, like Cynthia. Thank you so much for sharing your own and your father’s work.

Follow her, too, on Instagram: Salt And Moon

Sandra at Square One Notes

Sandra is a photographer who shares her world, taking pictures of the wonders around her neighborhood. She’s quite prolific and has an eye towards capturing the beauty of the winged and the wonder of the giants. Each post usually includes a bit of narrative to capture her moment and share it with you.

And, occasionally, she wanders into art with her photography through an app, Waterlogue.

Wandering into other mediums is part of the artist’s eye, and Sandra has the knack for finding the moments and capturing their best. For days when stress has you tied up in knots, wander over to her blog and take a walk in her world to ease your heart.

Thank you, Sandra, for sharing these moments.

Gwendolyn at Gwendolyn Goh Watercolor

Gwendolyn painted this lovely watercolor wreath for one of her Christmas challenges. I love when birds, berries, and poinsettias flow into such a lovely composition.

Gwendolyn started in the aeronautics industry, and now is able to be a mother and artist traveling the world with her husband.  I love the tag line on her blog, “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong – Joseph Chilton Pearce.” And it seems that she has made choices in her life to keep her creativity— without fear of being wrong. And she’s turned her skills into teaching and developing online communities— Teaching and art and diving in to creativity. Love that.

One of her art spots is making cards, specifically Christmas cards, and you’ve got to take a look at the beauty in her craft.

And to keep her heart where the art is, she’s taken on a 100 day challenge to keep her art “looser, more intuitive and personal.” Read about her journey and see her lovely watercolor and ink work. To learn about how her challenge is helping her art, read about — and perhaps try the tutorials— her five days of painting a cardinal and a snowy bird scene. I think she’s captured the gaze of the bird on the pine branch, don’t you?

I think we could all use a little focus in these days— like taking a challenge. The best challenges are those you make yourself, I think. Like Gwendolyn— she has a purpose— to keep art fun and from the heart. She will never lose the joy of art! Thank you for sharing.

So Take a look!

Again I’ve found those who create art with heart– artists who took the time to share both the art and story, often with the little things of life. I hope enjoy their work and learn a bit more from them, as I have. I appreciate and thank them for sharing their journey– a little ripple effect that improves the world, which is something that is much needed in these times today.

Take a look– I’m sure you’ll agree, each of these artists create with the heart first!

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  1. Dear Sheri, thank you so much for kindly sharing my posts! I’m so happy to hear you appreciate my content. I hope this new year generously offers you wellness, peace, and endless inspiration! Take good care.

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