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Wednesday Warm Up Frames

Consider a theme: this one– my granddaughter


For the past few weeks, this blog has hosted “Wednesday Warm Up,”— a day of usually quick drawing, inking, brushing as warm up to our serious art. I’ll share a strategy to try each Wednesday using the iPad app ProCreate. I will only use the brushes in the app— there are so many I haven’t tried that warming up with a new brush will be an added bonus and challenge.

I hope you enjoy this one that I call FRAMES.

Goal: Lines. Designs. Grip. Flow.

That’s the goal here— I’ve got old shaky hands, so warm ups that get my hand to be confident and “remember” how to draw straight and curved is always a good choice just before a project I want to turn out nice. And this particular warm up is a two step one— frames today and fill tomorrow. So let’s get started.

Setup: Canvas and Brushes

I use the studio pen in the Inking category for this. My canvas is 10in x 10in at 300 DPI.

The Process

Part 1: The Frames

Create a canvas with nine evenly space outlines of squares. I use the drawing guide grid to help me. With a guide of 16×16 grid squares, I can start in the top middle and draw one square quickly— 3 x3 grid squares.  Two grid squares on each side allows enough spacing for another 3×3 square on each side of the center one. Duplicate and transform to the middle row. Duplicate once more for the lower row. Works great.

Now— how many different styles of frame can you create today? Add to each square to make different frames, practicing those smooth lines.

Take another minute to add color to the frames.

Part 2: The Illustrations

This warmup does take a bit more time, but it is relaxing and reflective, especially if you choose a person as your theme.

With the frames from the last session, create the images for inside the frame. 

First, I duplicate the frames layer to save a copy. Then I duplicate it once more for the lower working layer to add the inside background colors to the frame squares as I go.

Above that layer I draw in and color the little images for each frame— I usually draw three illustrations per layer. I suggest drawing themed items, seasons, or for a particular person.

This particular one I created for my granddaughter and her little family with our first great-grandson. Love, Joy, Family. Heart. Coffee in a cute mug [or tea— she likes both]. A giraffe— she once loved those creatures and does love nature; I should have drawn a pine tree— I did change that— easy to do with different layers!  Reading a book or her Bible, her cross, and lavender flowers. I added a background color and an outside border. Just a little pick me up for her.  

Now, wasn’t that fun?


Did you enjoy these? Have they helped? How did you adapt them to fit your style and flow? Do you have other ideas? Please share your inspirations! Please remember to share #warmup4art .

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