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Artist Gems for May 27

About Art of Others

I’ve been searching for other artist bloggers as a way to expand my thinking.

I write about these artists I’ve discovered in my blogging and artistic journey: Artist Gems. Take a look to view and enjoy their work.

Perhaps you’ll find a new style, a little technique, an inspiration through the ripple effect when we appreciate and observe others at their best and as they share while they develop their work. When artists create, their work influences others: the work stirs the emotions, reflects the community and events of the day, and inspires a response, perhaps even in the viewers’ own art.

This weeks artists are unique in their art– different ways in portraits, sketchbooks, gouache, brushes, graphic illustration packets, and surface patterns, journaling, and watercolor. Every other week I’m pleasantly surprised by what I find– I hope your enjoy these picks.

Artist Gems for May 27, 2021

Cecile Yadro, French artist and art teacher

Website: Cecile Yadro

I have loved several of Cecile’s Skillshare classes and love the process and tips she shares about Procreate. You feel like you’re in the hands of a master, and yet she encourages your own creativity through her modeling and suggestions.

She also has classes on portraits, sketchbooks, and gouache. She teaches a Gouache Portrait Masterclass, and on her blog, you can order a custom gouache portrait from a photo!   

Her portraits! Look at the depth and expression on this face. Watch her paint in this Instagram time-lapse. Want more? I suggest taking her portrait classes. Here’s the trailer for one of my favorite Cecile classes on YouTube. My granddaughter loved the one I created for her from this class — we framed it!

Her blog includes many important tips on gouache, portraits, and palettes. Subscribe to her newsletter there— and you can find all her classes there as well, including links to free trial for Skillshare. 

Kris Lauren

Website: Pretty Little Lines and Blog: Pretty Little Lines Blog

I bumped into this artist accidentally on YouTube as I was looking for more “free flowing” floral illustration tips. Her tutorial shares a wonderful process for drawing florals in an easy flowing pace with native Procreate brushes. View the IG reel here, and this is my result— I’m happy! — check it out.

So, of course, I now subscribe to her channel and am amazed at her website— Kris is a mother of three active boys and somehow finds time for her illustration and creative sets of graphic illustrations, papers, and brushes. Check out her website — it might be just what you need!

Tanya J. De Wet

Website: andsodesigns and Blog: andsodesings

Tanya is a surface pattern designer whose blog I found from instagram as I was searching through what I love, but am avoiding: surface patterns. Look at the lovely blue color palette and delicate florals Blue Shadow Leaves” & “Blue Shadow Leaves_Navy here, which she sells on Spoonflower.

Her surface patterns are influenced by her reflective journaling. She writes an excellent post on keeping a sketchbook journal, with drawings and writings, and shares how both of these inspire her work. She journals and draws much to gather ideas, develop plans, improve her vision. It’s a great post and poetry.

And if you think you’ll like an inspiring new sketchbook — she has one of her own design for sale.  It looks divine!

But don’t stop there– watch her watercolor tutorial for free flowing florals here. Now you know why I was so excited to find this thoughtful artist.

So Take a look!

Again I’ve found those who create art with heart– artists who took the time to share both the art and story, in the narrative and visuals that only artists can imagine.

I discovered ways to learn portraits with pizazz through layered values and overlays. I learned to draw free flowing florals. I became inspired to draw more in my daily journals.

I hope you enjoy their work and learn a bit more from them, as I have. I appreciate and thank them for sharing their journey– a little ripple effect that improves the world, which is something that is much needed in these times today.

Take a look– I’m sure you’ll agree, each of these artists create with the heart first!

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