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Frog Card For You

I spent the day today taking a fun class from Brenda Bakker on Skillshare: Create Sketchy Doodles in ProCreate. She is a marvelous, easy to follow teacher who will make you smile and create art! Click the link to see the class and sign up with a free trial.

This is a style I love and you’ll see more of this style as I create a series for the Sheri42 shop.

I love the energy and fun with the watercolor and “movement” lines and dots. It’s just fun to look at and fun to create. I created three birthday cards for family, and decided to create one for you to download. It will look like this:

The frog sits on a shelf with two others, waiting for the three oldest granddaughters who once rambled around Grandma’s house when they were young. The frogs remind me of all the memories.

I hope you can use the card and create and find some joy with it.

Here’s the link to the pdf so you can print it out. It includes the URL to my art site on the back.

Frog Greeting Card pdf download

And, just a reminder, that Red Bubble’s sale continues this weekend, and I just uploaded my Hearts And Hedgehogs collection I hope you like it! Hearts and Hedgehogs

Here are a few of my favorites– click on the image to see the art’s product page.

If you see something you like, but need another color, I may be able to help with that. Please enjoy the art– they are all from the heart.

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