Art Techniques

Shine Your Light

Bring Your Light to the Season

Each of us has a part in making the world better– in bringing to the holidays the hope of a better future. Bring your light to the season to spread holiday greetings, no matter your faith. Merry Christmas.

The Illustration Challenge

From December 1 to December 25th, I’ve enjoyed a daily art challenge from Jennifer Nichols: #ipadvintageornaments. I’ve blogged about them and a few techniques on another blog: iPad Vintage Ornaments

For the last two ornaments for the challenge, I chose to try out some native Procreate brushes that I have not tried before. Procreate has categories of brushes, such as Artistic, Textures, Calligraphy, Spraypaint. Listed below are the brushes I used. I state the part of the illustration, the brush category, and the brush:

  • Ornament Color and Texture brush: Texture-Currawong
  • Light burst brush: SpraypaintBurst
  • Background Brush: ArtisticMeleuca 
  • Signature Brush: PaintingOriental

If you know of any tips or tricks with these brushes, please share. Or, if you have a favorite brush, which is it and how do you use it?

Holiday Fun

Most of these designs became my holiday greeting cards which I printed at home to send to the family I cannot see due to the world of Covid, which is part of the reason for this ornament illustration– I brought a little of my own light to the season and sent them to my family.

And many I added to my Zazzle Holiday Fun collection.

Happy Holidays to You!

Tomorrow I’ll share a Thank You coloring card to download as a thank you and gift to you. May your holiday season be joyful, and your light be part of making that happen.

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