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Art For You Thank You Card

So this is Christmas…

Each of us has done our best to make the world better for the holiday seasons. All over the world celebrations for many religions are engaging the faith of those who believe. It’s a hopeful time shared with those we love, and though we may not be together in person, we have the opportunity to visit in video online or by phone or by text or by mail. May your day today be one that gives hope to others.

A Card for You

After the events, one way to keep the hope moving is by showing gratitude to those in our lives who support us. I’ve create the image above and the black and white template below for your personal use, including the image and a pdf.

Thank you for joining in the journey of art with me.

This Little Light

All the little things you’ve done this season to keep the hope alive ripples through the world– shines farther than you know. Keep that little light going all year. You’ll feel better and so will those around you.

About the Illustrations

Blue Ornament

From December 1 to December 25th, I’ve enjoyed a daily art challenge from Jennifer Nichols: #ipadvintageornaments. I’ve blogged about them and a few techniques on another blog: iPad Vintage Ornaments

For the last two ornaments for the challenge, I chose to try out some native Procreate brushes that I have not tried before. Procreate has categories of brushes, such as Artistic, Textures, Calligraphy, Spraypaint. Listed below are the brushes I used. I state the part of the illustration, the brush category, and the brush:

  • Ornament brushes: ArtisticTarraleah blue and Gesinski ink for white stripes
  • Background brush: TextureTarkine
  • Lightened area brush : Spraypaintburst

Thank You Card in color

I tried more new brushes for the Thank you card–

  • FILL Objects brush: TextureRectango
  • Texture objects brush: TextureCurrawong
  • Highlights Objects brush: TextureTarkline On Blend Mode Add
  • Smudge where needed: TextureTarkline and Tesselated

If you would like to use the colored card for personal use, here’s a pdf:

How far will your candle throw its light? You may never know.

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