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Art For You New Years Card

Art For You

Happy New Year Coloring Page

The best to you this New Year! Please enjoy this coloring page– save the image or download the coloring page as a New Years card, in black and white or color.

As you can see– I added solid, dotted, and spiral lines to the stars for fireworks. Add your own fireworks to each star to make it your own, and there’s space at the bottom for a name or additional message. New Year’s cards are great for all of January– so spread good cheer into the world with these!


And, if you’re looking for some fun family things to do, the Seattle Times has a list for you: Nine Fun Things to do with your Family on New Years Day. And to that, I’d say to spread cheer with these cards or your own. Mail them off to a friend or relative– or to a neighbor. Or start to make a list of One Words instead of resolutions — something you can help each other to keep and on which to focus as a family in these times. Each family member can choose a word as a goal for him or herself. Take a week to consider and then share. It will add interesting conversations at the dinner table as each person adds a bit of the story on their chosen word.

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