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Art for You Birds

Art For You

Missing the Birds

In winter, I look and listen for the birds as I miss their spring songs and hope their migrations or winter homes are safe. So, today’s Art For You is an adaptation of this week’s Wednesday Warm UpQuick Birds. Once you start practicing the basic shape, you’ll be able to quickly draw and fill a fun bird, and then adapt it as shown in the Warm Up post.

Here’s the page for your practice– three shapes to trace and fill in, and one for your own quick sketch and draw. Control or right click to “Save As.”

You may want to download my first try: I first filled in the shape with solid color. Then added in the details of eyes, legs and feet, wing, feathers.

You can download the finished version at the top of the post too.

The video shows how I varied the shape to get different positions of the bird:

Finally, here’s a a page of blank squares, although all you need is a blank sheet of paper! But sometimes, the little boxes help give you a place and space to build your confidence.

Please share your quick birds and enjoy your effort to encourage spring to return soon.

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