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Wednesday Warm Up Daily Create


For the past few weeks, this blog has hosted “Wednesday Warm Up,”— a day of usually quick drawing, inking, brushing as warm up to our serious art. I shared a strategy to try each Wednesday using the iPad app ProCreate. I only used the brushes in the app— there are so many I haven’t tried that warming up with a new brush will be an added bonus and challenge.

A Change–

Today’s Warm Up is one for developing spontaneous creativity through prompts from a website called “The Daily Create” by a course called DS106. The idea is to use the prompt to think creatively and respond with a work of art: image, audio, video, writing, and should only take about ten or fifteen minutes. This About Page gives you more information and its history. Most important is to create and choose from any of the Daily Creates or choose the one for that day, which you can find at the website, The Daily Create.

Goal: Develop your creative juices and magical flow by creating art as a response to a prompt

Today’s Prompt from The Daily Create

The prompt today was “#tdc3295 #ds106 Design the winning front page of the DS106 remembrance book.” See the image above.


1 First, I needed an image— I found the image at Flickr Commons— one that is free to use with a CC0 license. I thought this one had potential: Bridge 164.

2 In ProCreate, I opened the photo I’d downloaded and considered how to create the book cover. I decided since this a creative endeavor, that the book would be creatively horizontal. 🙂 What did the image include that could be expanded on to entice the fictional reader? I thought of:

  • bridge
  • hidden blue heron
  • post [we post responses to Twitter with the @ds106dc  and the hashtag #tdc3295— although you can also submit your response on the webpage of the prompt]
  • river flow
  • bank [The Daily Create includes a “bank” of “creates.”]
  • Connection
  • Daily Create is open, welcoming, with no real rules– leave no one, because all can participate, or not, and change the rule. As an example, see this recent Daily Create 3290 where participants decided to change “Shakespearean Insults” to compliments. #tdc3290

3 Create the book cover. In appropriate places and referring to The Daily Create, I added text for:

  • Bridge Ideas
  • Connect People and Ideas
  • Post Sharing
  • Show the Unseen
  • Leave No One
  • Flow with Creativity
  • Create a Bank of Possibilities

4 I also referred to DS106 on the bridge and tdc3295 on white rectangle on the bridge. I added the banner to find it all in the DS106 Book, which is, of course, fictional.

5 Then, I clicked the link on the prompt page which automatically inserts the needed @ and # Here’s my tweet:

I also add my Daily Creates to a Flickr album, or I’m sure you could also share in IG


Although it’s fun to create and share, just knowing there is a prompt waiting for you to get creative is really enough. Create. Create and Share. It’s up to you, but I know you’ll enjoy the thinking that helps to open your mind to your other creative endeavors.

How about it?

Please remember to share #warmup4art .

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