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Wednesday WarmUp SplashGrid Bluebells


For the past few weeks, this blog has hosted “Wednesday Warm Up,”— a day of usually quick drawing, inking, brushing as warm up to our serious art. I share a strategy to try each Wednesday using the iPad app ProCreate. I only use the brushes in the app— there are so many I haven’t tried that warming up with a new brush will be an added bonus and challenge.

This Week

This week we’ll look at another “Quick Splash Grid Messages” illustration while playing with more native brushes. I enjoyed trying out a few tricks and some great brushes.

Here’s what I learned:

Oberon [Drawing] has a wonderful silky feel as it flows. It’s now one of my favorites.

Noise [Touch Ups] makes for great shading– and erasing when a color or area is just too strong for the work.

Pandani [Inking] has a smooth flow and wonderful rough edge– see the swirls in the illustration.

Gaussian Blur— just a slight blur can create a shading and edge effect, as with the ink bleed blur on the edge of the blue petals.

The Process

A Look Back

Review the basic splash grid process in the Wednesday Warmup for Quick Splash Grid Messages. Set up your canvas to 10 x 10 inch at 300 DPI and have your palette chosen.


Gather the circled brushes and give them a try to see how they work. These are all the native brushes I’ve placed into my “Warm Up” category in my Brushes Studio.

Watch the video now and see how I played with the brushes and blend modes after setting up the fill and grid in the lower layers.

Layers with Named Brushes and Blend Modes

Below are the images from the video that show the layers, top down. Each layer is named with the brush used and, of course, look at the blend mode.

Notice in the top two layers, the layer is painted in the Clay [organic] brush on each layer, but each layer has a different blend mode, AND the second layer is rotated ninety degrees to create a more even texture.

The last one is most of the above, but also shows the green fill layer and the grid layer:

As you can see, I substituted the Pandani swirls for the splashes, but splashes could be added too.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Try it!

Go ahead try it. Watch my practice video with brief explanations. Please remember to share #warmup4art .

Poetry and Photography by Sheri Edwards

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