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Art For You Bluebells

Art For You: Bluebell

Every day I take a photo and write a poem for that moment– rather boring in these times of Covid, and yet a reminder of the little things that are so important to bringing hope and joy to us all. I write about each photo and poem in a Daily Note: Remember the Moments on my daily blog.

Yesterday I wrote this poem and took this picture which inspired today’s Art For You– a mini how-to on drawing flowers with bluebells as the model.

To draw a flower, first lightly draw a circle as large as you want the flower to be. Draw the inner circle for the center of the flower. Then draw the petals from the center out to the border you created with the larger circle, which you can then erase. That outer circle boundary helps you keep the petals even, when you’re drawing circularly shaped flowers.

Enjoy this how to:

right click to download

Please share your flower and perhaps your “lesson” at #warmup4art

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