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Art For You Color Pages

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Art For You Coloring Page

The last two weeks I’ve been enjoying Lisa Bardot’s Kids Week that encourages kid drawing with videos with Lisa and her son, Bear. Take a look for fun ideas and many coloring pages.

I’m still on week one for creating coloring pages. I’ve shared the “unicorn,” and today for your are three animals: elephant, dragon, and fox.

There’s plenty of room for you to add details as you color and imagine a story for each animal. The story is up to you– and the details you add to share your own version of the creature.

Lisa shares HOW TO create a coloring page here. I didn’t know I could share the Procreate files. Now, I’m still learning how to draw the lines far enough apart, so in some places [like the dragon’s fingers], you might need to zoom in to color drop or use a brush on a layer you create below. I redid those a couple times so they’d be wide enough, but it’s not quite accurate. I apologize for that, but— thank you for your patience with my learning.

Here are my versions:

Versions to download:

  • Right click the color page image to “Save As”
  • Each PDF is an 8.5 x 11 inch file, ready for download and printing
  • And Procreate files — if you have an iPad and the app Procreate, or if you have an iPhone and the app Pocket, you can download that file to color on your iPad. On the “Color Here” layer, paint in your colors or use color drop.

    Note: On your computer, just click the “download” arrow at top right on the file’s page; share to your iPad. On your iPad, go to the “three dots” at top right, choose “open with” and choose “Procreate” or “Pocket.” Sometimes the file downloads to your “Files>Downloads” folder on your iPad. You can then click to open it in the app.

Color Page Images

PDF Files

Procreate Files

Share Your Illustrations and Stories

Be sure to share your unicorn stories! #warmup4art I’d love to see your own design and stories!

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