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Wednesday Wrap Up Fun With Faces


Each Wednesday check this blog for a strategy, process, or reflection for illustration with the iPad app ProCreate. This Wednesday Wrap Up invites you to participate in Charly Clements‘s #funwithfaces project this week, the prompts here on Instagram. I’ll share resources to help you, on Skillshare and YouTube.


In the gallery above you can see my first three of the week’s prompts:

  • Monday sunflower, tattoo, pattern
  • Tuesday hat, blue, fruit
  • Wednesday retro, curly hair, bubble gum

As you can see, the prompts include three elements to include for your “face” illustration.

Now next week, if there is not another prompt, look how you can easily create your own to prompts for those days when a block hits you. Just choose an object to hold, a color, an article of clothing or element that fits clothing, like “pattern.” You could also choose hair or clothing styles and a time period. No excuses now for being stumped.

About Charly

On her website, Charly says she travels the world with just an iPad. And I’m sure she’ll be doodling in Procreate. She’s an accomplished artist whose made art her lifestyle. I’ve loved her classes on Skillshare, and that’s what’s helped me dare to try drawing people, faces, and figures. I still have so much to learn, but the Fun with Faces prompts give artists from novice to experienced a chance to just have fun while practicing that which brings us such joy.

Charly’s Classes

Of course, some of us need a bit of help with this people illustration thing. So Charly has several to help. I’ve included the class on the left and a link to my project on the right so you will see what you can learn.

Fun With FacesGraceful Elder
Drawing Expressive FacesExpress Yourself
Fun with FiguresSerendipity Happens

As you can see– she’s got a great style and process to teach if I can create something and explain about it.

Other Classes

I’ve also taken a few other classes on Skillshare and YouTube that I need to review to get back into drawing people. I’ve found that since I DO NOT practice, I just revert back to bad habits and silly styles. I need to practice at least once a week so I don’t forget what I learned. Here’s a list, again with my projects on the right.

Skillshare — Jennifer Nichols:
Character Illustration
Character Considerations
Lisa Bardot: People Skills [free]still working on
Lisa Bardot: Character Camp [free]still working on
Skillshare — Ira Marks
People in Motion
OMG I Did It !
Skillshare — Brenda Bakker
Sweet and Stylized Portraits
Miss Curly
Skillshare — Brenda Bakker
Sweet and Stylized Girls
Delightful Dames
YouTube — Calvin the Drifter
Cute People Portraits 1
Miss Olivia
YouTube –Calvin the Drifter
Cute People Portraits 2
That Olivia
YouTube –Calvin the Drifter
Improve Your Faces
YouTube –Calvin the Drifter
Watercolor People
Angie in the Whirlpool
YouTube –Calvin the Drifter
For Sketching: How to Draw Happy People

Join the Fun With Faces

So come on out and play! Give it a try! Take a look through the links in the first paragraph for Charly’s hashtag and the prompt. Imagine what you could do to add to the fun. If I can try, you can do it too!

Thanks to all the artist teachers who have inspired me to try drawing people– and I hope you join in.

Here’s my last year’s Flickr Fun With Faces Challenge Album— adding in this year’s too.

Ivory 5
Last Year’s Fun, and I’ll keep adding to it this year.

I look forward to your sharing, and please continue to be a part of the  #warmup4art series to learn and enjoy our work together! See my sharing at IG @42Sheri and Twitter @42Sheri.

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