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Daily Create Shadows

silhouettes of the camp of Lewis and Clark near Dayton, WA at Petit Creek Campsite
on Flickr

Daily Create — Shadows

Prompt: Daily Create  @ds106dc #ds106 #ds106 #tdc3892 Let’s make some shadow art.

On one of our many former adventures, we visited the historic town of Dayton, WA and discovered a ways from it the Petit Creek Campsite of Lewis and Clark. The local history buffs decided to recreate the encampment in this silhouette display using historical records. It represents at once a journey of discovery for the young United States and much devastation for the Native peoples. It is a history that must be shared and remembered to honor that which was lost so we can embrace the continued story of all of us.

For today’s Daily Create, I tried to capture these “shadows” of the past in poetry.


Once a journey of discovery
now a field of shadows
giving life to the memory
for the peoples in throes
of change: honoring all in history.

Sheri Edwards  
090922   254.365.22  

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