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Up In Smoke

a field of wheat on Highway 2 in Washington State
on Flickr

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Every day, a photograph, a poem. 

Driving past the immense fields of wheat and other crops on Highway 2 in Washington State, we are reminded today by the Red Flag Warnings of the fragility of our humanity which in a matter of hours could rise up in the smokey remains of wildfire. This photo [you can drive there– here’s the spot ] is representative of the entire Columbia Basin— fields of mostly irrigated lands, thanks to Grand Coulee Dam, a socialist endeavor from the New Deal that benefits and has benefited millions of people every single day since 1942.

Climate change in the evidence of melting polar ice caps, floods, storms, and wildfires will make earth uninhabitable unless, as most Americans agree, we make changes in our lifestyles. NASA’s website provides more information. We can do this, or– in our area, we’ll go up in smoke.

Up in Smoke

On and on wherever you look
as turning around and around
in green that feeds the world
in fields that fill the earth
from beneath your feet
to the horizon’s distance
now threatened by wind
and heat and lightning
sparks that in hours
can devour the sustenance
on which we depend
though deniers upend
the needed changes
for rearranging
our ways so our earth
from the warming
and unstoppable wildfires
sear the fields in fire:
life and livelihoods up in smoke.

Sheri Edwards
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