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Daily Create Haikoan

child beside tree, her hat and clothes blowing away in the wind
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Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create Prompt: #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3895 Write a Haikoan– a paradoxical haiku based on a koan, a paradoxical story. See a few koans here.

I decided to write a haiku on something that is a child’s paradox and based on a true story. When I was little, I thought the trees made the wind, and I once pleaded with the trees to stop moving. I can remember standing outside on the sidewalk, with the wind pushing against me, blowing my hair and clothing around. I could barely walk as a skinny little six year old. Around me the lilac bushes and the elm trees frantically waved their branches at me and I yelled, “Trees– stop moving– stop making the wind. Please.” And, whoever was with me laughed. It was as hard a truth to learn as Santa.

So, my haikoan:

A child of six pleads
“Oh branches, please stop moving;
Stop making wind mean.”


The image is one I drew in April, 2018. I’ve grown a lot since then, although obviously, I’ve a long ways to go. That’s learning.

Ivory 5

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