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Every day, a photograph, a poem. Oh we love where we live— beautiful sand dunes and forests, sagebrush and lakes. It’s a geological wonder that we love to explore. Often, while strolling along a local beach or driving through the coulee with the sun shining on sparkling lake or even fields of snow, we would look at each other and smile, “We live here.” We feel so fortunate to be surrounded by nature in a small community that cares for one anothers.

This photo is from one such excursion years ago– to a little community and historical town called Dayton, Wa. I’ve written about this here where you may find links and information.

Of course, the times have changed, and the climate is not playing well with humans and their needs. At any given moment from summer through autumn, a wildfire can change the course of one’s livelihood and home– in smoke and fire that destroys all in its path. And so the question– for all the places on the earth suffering from the impending effects of climate change, we now ask, “How will we live here?” There is no Planet B.

For information on the climate change, see NASA’s website: Climate.

We Live Here

On earth the sky once blue
now fills in two seasons with smoke
wildfire sparks evacuate towns
scorching fields that feed us

On earth once we lived
in worries not of weather
now its weather that we worry
as worry the entire world over

On earth in our place
where once we smiled
“We live here,”
now we wonder
“How will we live here?”

Sheri Edwards
091222 257.365.22
Photo taken near Dayton, Wa
smokey sky fills the air of scene of tops of trees to hill across the way
Our Skies Today 09.12.2022
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