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September Doodle Lunchbox

blue lunch blox with pink and yellow wavy lines and a note from mom: Laugh, Learn. See you at 3. Love, Mom
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September Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. Today’s prompt is #makingarteveryday 37 Home/BacktoSchool — LUNCH Monday prompt: lunchbox


Lunchbox is ready and waiting on the counter.  I continued with drawing in shapes / erasing with the multi-tonal markers following the strategy of the Lisa Bardot’s crab tutorial. Those markers are so fun– streaky, builds up color– some flat, some deep, and some bright. Three sets in one. I used the “authentic” set for these, except for one prismatic line between the wall and counter.


And the crab– A little detour to the beach.
Brushes: Multi-tonal makers — authentic set
Tutorial: Lisa Bardot tutorial here.

Added underwater parts:

  • Played with layers below for sand and shadow with blend modes.
  • Played with layers above for moving water and highlights with blend modes.

Very fun.

a little crab underwater walking along the sand
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#makingarteveryday 37 Home/BacktoSchool — LUNCH Monday prompt: lunchbox

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