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Daily Create Invitation

a garden scene with QR codes for Daily Create: most popular, todays. and to add your own.
on Flickr

Daily Create

Today’s prompt for #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3896 is an invitation to create an invitation for others to join in and add to the Daily Create fun of creative remix. 

I added a Daily Create about the Library of Congress’s Mystery Houses album. I asked participants to “Choose a mystery place and suggest its secret.” And I provided my example:

garden scene in black and white with added moth and ladybugs of colorful folk art designs flying around the garden.
on Flickr

This mystery garden is a special place for  observing the gathering of the most beautiful and helpful insects of the earth.

Source Image: Library of Congress

You can add your own here: Daily Create Add It will show up some time in the future for others to create.

and now The Daily Create Wants You… invitation — at the top– shares QR codes to see the most popular, view today’s Daily Create, and to add your own. Go ahead! Join in.

All Are Welcome

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