courthouse sign: Columbia County Courthouse
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sandstone three story courthouse for Columbia County of Washington State in Dayton, Wa
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I’ve been writing poetry from photos of our trip to Dayton, Wa. This is the courthouse for Columbia County in Dayton. It’s a beautiful grand building– in silhoutte here of a sparkling blue sky. That evening, the pine tries on the left filled with crows, a noisy bunch gathering for the night, I suppose. Huge black birds, settling in branch by branch. I could not get a good picture.

As I look at this picture, of this grand building for that stands for the Rule of Law. But today, the former president and his party flaunt the rule of law in frivolous legal manipulations both in his obstruction trial and across the states in elections offices. It’s disgusting.

Will our grand commitment to each other — to abide by a rule of law– in order to form a more perfect union that works to achieve the dream of liberty and justice for all– will that grand ideal stand?

Grand, Sand, or Stand

Grand, they are
buildings holding court
a place of justice
under the law

Sand, they are
laws of man
a piece of power
over the other

Stand, will we?
republic holding union
a dream of liberty,
justice for all?

Sheri Edwards
091322 258.365.22

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