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Daily Create Porulan and Resistance

cubist art in bold red, yellow, blue, brown.
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Daily Create

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The prompt: Tell us who or what a Porulan is and what it does; answer found thanks to Sarah at Night Cafe AI

Porulan: a walk through a cubist twilight zone  — 

find the yellow brick road

GrammaSheri and Night Cafe AI

Sarah’s Response is a lot different than mine from the same AI:

We weren’t allowed to look up the word “PORULAN” so I did wait until afterwards. But… some very interesting bits and twists of history here.

Dutch author Cees Buddingh wrote a nonsense rhyme [The blue bill gargle] with fantasy creatures Porgel and Porulan.

Interestingly, many Jewish people in the Netherlands joined the resistance to Nazi Germany in groups called PP-Group– named after the fictional characters Porgel and Porulan. Read that history here: Porgel and Porulan in the Resistance.

And there you have it: fantasy and reality and resistance. History, Poetry, and Art.

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