DIY Journal Make your own journal. Image of Sheri's Journal Doodle A Day with top border and flower blossom below
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Daily Create Sounds of Room 106

Can you hear the sounds of wonder; sketches of stick figures 1-relax,breathe deeply; 2-gather supplies; 3-imagine; 4-doodle; 5-share; 6-Sounds of room 106
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Daily Create

#clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3901 What are the sounds inside Room 106? 

Can you hear the sounds of wonder? gathering? imagining? markers? sharing?


Illustration is a remix from #21doodledays Signs, which is also found at See-Frame-Focus 21 Doodledays Signs where you can also learn how to make your own journal — no glue, staples, sewing required!

on Youtube by Grammasheri

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