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Dayton, WA in 2018 restoration of historical murals by Don Brown; scaffold in front of mural; Office across the street with flowers blooming
on Flickr

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. The town of Dayton, WA keeps its historical murals fresh and plants trees and flowers along its main streets, a tribute to foresight of the city to maintain a connection to its past and to nature as well as look to the future for the people who live there and who travel through. History, nature, and art— a sign of a civilized people for the people.

The photo from 2018 shows the scaffolding for artist Don Brown, who restores the historical mural work of artist Robert Thomas from 1995. Notice also the tree around the corner and the flowers displayed in planters in front of the business across the street. It’s the little things that keep humanity at the forefront– the honoring of historical pasts, [good and bad], the inclusion of nature within our concrete infrastructure, and art that reflects the culture of the times. It is a joy to walk through the little town and enjoy its small town flavor.

We are not perfect, we humans, but if we can remember the things that bring us joy, honor all who have contributed, and allow that joy to be accessed by all of the people, then we will continue on together despite our past mistakes and even our current differences.

For the People

In any town look
for evidence shown
of history honored
nature’s beauty sown
and art prevalent
for the people’s enjoyment.

Sheri Edwards
091822 263.365.22

Photo: Dayton, WA 2018
Mural Artists: Robert Thomas, 1995; Restored Don Brown, 2018

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