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September Doodle Science Three

Illustration of Stegosaurus walking through the giant leaves with a red glow of volcanoes or falling asteroid behind him.
on Flickr

Astronomy and Microscope and Dinosaur — science prompts for Week 38 for #makingarteveryday using Lisa Bardot brushes: Basic Toolkit, Wet and Dry Toolkit, Texturrific, and Imperfect Patterns

The best part of this piece is I texted it to the family chat, and my granddaughter said my three-year-old great-grandson saw it and said, “Mama, Is that a stegosaurus?”

To which she replied, “Yeah, Great-grandma Sheri drew it!”

And he added, “Great-grandma Sheri draws so nice and beautiful and she drew that for me.”

Of course I did. His and my favorite dinosaur!

The other two illustrations are not that great, but fit the prompts for astronomy and microscope. 🙂

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For links to mentioned artists, see Artists Resources page.

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