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lorge grnarly will tree with twisting limbs and deeply furrowed bark holds a large hole in the center of the large trunk
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. It’s the autumn equinox today and the last few days felt cool and refreshing, mostly clear from smoke. Leaves begin turning their fall colors of yellow, red, and orange. And as we walk through the park I notice the shadows differently as many trees seem to say, “Trick or Treat time is near!” This tree in Cole Park near Fiddle Creek is especially inviting for spirits, I think. Although it is surrounded by maple saplings and tree, its leaves are long so I think it is a very old willow tree. I wonder if I should put an electric candle in that hole on Halloween.


When autumn cools the evening breeze
And leaves wear colors new
I see a different view of trees
As evening shadows shift to spooky.

Sheri Edwards
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Tree in Cole Park by Fiddle Creek

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