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Reviewing Blogging Strategies

I’m reviewing a course I already took from WordPress on blogging.

I’ve written about blogging on my education blog, especially for education, such as posts on keeping up a momentum. I’ve been blogging since 2008 and my favorite part is creating the blog. As a connected educator, I blogged with others and still have two educational groups with whom I still connect and share. [#etmooc, #clmooc]. Blogging is sharing and connecting about ideas.

In looking at the education blog, it looks like that’s the one that needs updating– LOL. It seems to be not as “responsive” as it once was.

Now retired, my new focus is art, and I started my art blog through my first time through the course. It’s purpose is to share my art– about the art, how-to’s on the art, encouraging others, recognizing others, sharing my art products. All blog posts can be found here.

Every Wednesday I publish a Wednesday WrapUp of the past week’s learning, art, or goal. And recently I’ve added new categories for three Daily Art prompts I complete [Daily Create, Doodle, Poetry]. “The Daily” category covers all of those while the category “Art Blog” displays only the art part. I’m adding this to “The Daily” without the subcategory.

But I never could understand the monetizing part; it seemed like it cost as much as it might take in. I’m not expecting big things from it– after all, I am retired, but I do notice many blogs with the ability to “Donate a Doughnut” or something like that. So my goal this time around is to relearn what I did not learn before. 🙂

I have to say that I love WordPress– I’ve always received help when needed and the ability to publish one’s own journey easily is just an important part of the world, I think. It helps keep us connected.

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