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Good Day Sunshine Vibes

sun shines through clouds onto rain wet lawn sparkling in the sun with ocean in background
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. A good day– an October coastal rain sparkles as the sun shines through at Dumas Bay Retreat in 2014 where my daughters and granddaughters spend three days together at a “stamping” retreat to make cards and scrapbooks. It’s a joyous, relaxing weekend complete with meal service and our own rooms. The view out the wide windows and the walk in the surrounding park are just as much fun together as the sharing our creations and memory making. I miss this so much– with COVID, we’ve been unable to have a retreat, and now we choose not to mix indoors for that long. But we have the memories.

And since the Daily Create today was to create emoji art and I chose the sunshine, this poem sparkled into my mind– Good Day Sunshine!

Good Day Sunshine Vibes

After the rain, when the sun comes out
Sparkles glisten: fairies dance about
Mood is light— worries fly away
We shout out: hope is on the way!

Sheri Edwards
092422 269.365.22
Federal Way, WA
Dumas Bay Retreat
October 25, 2014

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